Friday, April 30, 2010

Wedding cake

2 tier wedding cake was ordered by Hajar for her sister's wedding.
It's 6 " & 9" chocolate cake covered with homemade fondant & embellished with gumpaste flower.
Another an ad hoc order as she just gave me 3 days to complete all these ....
Thank you Hajar....


All these roses has been ordered by Zarina,my baking friend.She lives in the same area with me & yes she also a can visit her at .It's a fondant roses & 20 pcs altogether. Thank You Zarina.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jungle theme cake

My friend, Nor has asked me to teach her to make a fondant cake.She has learned the basic cupcake with me 2 weeks before and now wanted an advanced lesson as she became enthusiastically in baking & conjunction of her twin sons 2nd birthday,she requested jungle theme for me to teach her....

My friend want to be anonymous....I only can show her work......

The final touch.....from her face I can see that she was satisfied & proud of her work....She told me that she learned baking & decorating the cakes because she wanted her sons proud of her....

1st birthday cake for Marissa

No 1 shape cake was ordered by Sue for her daughter 1st birthday. It's a chocolate moist cake with buttercream & fondant topper. Thank you Sue.....

Blue & White Hantaran Cupcake

Vanilla cupcake covered with fondant & Gumpaste flower.
All these has been ordered by Hana from Putrajaya,I'm considered the order as ad hoc due to she just gave me 2 days for me to preapare the cakes & flowers. Luckily I have in stock gumpaste & fondant.....informed her that I only can produce simple design due to shortage of time....she willingly agree.
Thanks dear & it's was such nice dealing with you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Terima Kasih Zarina

Yehaa...Thank You Zarina.....Bertambah koleksi sprinkles makcik....Menurut Zarina ,her beloved hubby beli all tese sprinkles di Australia.....dan yang best nya ia diperbuat dari halal gelatin....Thank You lagi sekali ya Zarina...

Cake for Ibu

Chocolate cake with strawberry filling & iced with buttercream....The cake was ordered by Dety & it's for her mom's birthday....sorry Dety akak lambat upload...a week delay....ntah le...lately ni tak dak masa nak meronggeng dgn kata jadi domestic engineer tak sibuk....sibuk je memanjang.....
comment from Deti:
"salam kak nurul..ibu dety suka sagat kek tuh..n sumer ahli keluargala..mmg nyum2..palig menarik..strawberry yg akak letak tuh...tq.sedap!!" dear....glad to know your mom liked it... :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amir,Aesya & Aliya - Birthday Party part 2

Hi everyone...I just want to share a few picture taken on the I've mentioned before I've collaborated with Yani as a party planner for Kak Yati .....We've worked together for Amir,Aesya & Aliya birthday celebrations....
Yani has been assigned for planning the outdoor activities,games ,decorations & goodies bags.While me as usual in food preparations. The Birthday tag prepared by Yani
Items in the goodie bag,yup...I'm also preparing that small cookies ....

60 paxs altogether
Party decoration was set up by yani....the guests enjoying the meals...seafood noodles,roti jala with chiken curry,vege samosa,blueberry cheese tart & agar2 merah(sorry I've forgotten to snap the foods picture)
Cotton candy aka gula kapas in making....
Childrens takes turn with anticipation to have the gula kapas.....
Client also requested face painter......the painter man entertaining one of the small guest,they can choose the image from the catalogue
hemsem woo adik nie....with spider image

Cake cutting ceremony....3 of them....
For those who are interested ,please contact me via email.Say it with birthday,anniversary,cukur jambul or any occasions ....just lets we work it for you....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cuti..tutup kedai

Salam to all,I'm taking breaks for 1 week from 7th till 15th of April.....
TQ :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cookie for wedding

The cookie displayed on the table....
Made all these cookies for my BIL's wedding,the reception was held at Ariani Resort,Merang Terangganu
BIL requested simple design with white theme.....
I'm using fondant & royal icing for cookie decorations....

Princess cake for Aina

My first princess /barbie cake....Thanks kak Wanie...
Vanilla milky butter sponge cake with strawberry filling-covered with fondant.

Cookies for Merisik

Made these for's for merisik....Thanks Dahlia

Saturday, April 3, 2010

PSP ,Star & Barney cake

Made all these cake for Kak;s for her son & daughters birthday celebrations.....I've collaborated with Yani (my gud Friend) for becoming party planner for Kak was assigned in food preparations.
The Menus for today's event:
-Seafood fried noodles
-Roti Jala with Chicken Curry
-Vege samosa
-blueberry cheese tart
-Agar2 merah(jelly)
-& 3 cakes...phew...(thanks to my beloved mak for assisting me)

Amir's cake-8" x 11" Carrot coconut with cream cheese filling-covered with fondant ....
Aesya's cake -9" Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese filling & buttercream frosting

Aliya's Cake - 10" Super Moist Chocolate cake with chocolate ganached filling & buttercream frosting.
Will add more story & picture ....Thanks Kak Yati & Abg Ard

Fancy Cookie for Afifah

Made these cookies for Kak Zura....she came all the way from Jengka,Pahang....the cookies are for her daughter 1st birthday celebration....Thanks kak Zura for placing the order with me..... 30 pcs altogether-3.5" vanilla cookies
Kak Zura also ordered these small cookies & 3 pcs in 1 pack......50 packs altogether
Comment from Kak zura:
"salam,nurul...tq buatkn fc yg cute2 sgt utk afifah..kwn2 puji/suka, bdk2 lak syg nk mkn...heheh..nnt akak order lg ye.."
Thanks Kak....nanti order lagi na...

Order 31/03/10

Thanks Sarina ......18 pcs orange butter cupcake with edible image...