Saturday, April 3, 2010

PSP ,Star & Barney cake

Made all these cake for Kak;s for her son & daughters birthday celebrations.....I've collaborated with Yani (my gud Friend) for becoming party planner for Kak was assigned in food preparations.
The Menus for today's event:
-Seafood fried noodles
-Roti Jala with Chicken Curry
-Vege samosa
-blueberry cheese tart
-Agar2 merah(jelly)
-& 3 cakes...phew...(thanks to my beloved mak for assisting me)

Amir's cake-8" x 11" Carrot coconut with cream cheese filling-covered with fondant ....
Aesya's cake -9" Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese filling & buttercream frosting

Aliya's Cake - 10" Super Moist Chocolate cake with chocolate ganached filling & buttercream frosting.
Will add more story & picture ....Thanks Kak Yati & Abg Ard


Zarinah said...

nurul dear, i sememang nyer admire at all ur works! Very creative & I suke ur red velvet cake tu ... very nice!

me said...

Nurul, tak ada gambar cookies yg cute dlm party pack ke?