Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aliff turns 3

Pull apart cupcakes with Ben 10 theme- 22 pieces of chocolate cupcakes
Thanks Yus...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Afif turns 5

Chocolate Moist cake with buttercream frosting
20 pieces of vanilla cookies with Ben 10 theme...
Thanks Ila & happy birthday to Afif....

Sweet Garden wedding cake

The theme is English garden with green theme colour.I hope that my interpretations of the garden concept is right as the bride has expected. 8 " chocolate moist cake with ganached filling
10" red velvet cake with cream cheese filling
16 pieces M size red velvet cupcakes

Thanks Masita,you are truly my loyal customer & thanks again for trusting in me.
Selamat Pengantin Baru to Ikhsan & Miza.

Ben 10 cookies

Ben 10 cookies for Afif.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cupcake Tiers & Cake Stand

Hi everyone....Cake2U would like to share 2 new items which are now available for rental.It's the cutest and latest in things for any occasions that you have in mind which is perfect compliment to liven up any party decor.....especially great for weddings,shower,engagement party,birthday and corporate event.In order to do so Cake2U are happy to offer you our tier/stand for rentals.We have two elegant tiers for you to choose from,7 tiers acrylic cupcake stand and 3 tiers Graceful cake stand.

7 Tiers Acrylic Cupcake Stand
Fits 125 small size cupcake(2 oz)
Fits 115 medium size cupcake(2.5 oz)

3 tiers Graceful cake Stand
Fits 43 pcs small size cupcake (2 oz)
Fits 39 pcs medium size cupcake (2.5 oz)
This tier also perfect for assembling your dream cakes,petits fours,mini cakes or any delectable dessert.
The tier/stand can also be customised to include the fresh flowers,ribbons,decorations that fits with your party or wedding theme.
Please call me for more info .
I'll updating soon wedding & party package to accompany with these tiers.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Power Puff Girls for Alyaa

8 inchs vanilla cake with kiwi filling
Thanks Aida & Happy 4th Birthday Alyaa....
Sms from Aida:
"salam k.nurul..befday girl n kwn2 suka sgt kek tu..xcited gile bl tgk kek powerpuff..hehe..tq k.nurul" ur welcome sis

Friday, March 11, 2011

Black,Silver & White hantaran cake

Anemones & hydrangeas flower with brush embroidery effect
10 inchs orange poopyseed butter cake
The casualty of our humid weather & monsoon season....did you notice that my flowers were not seem so right? wuarghh flowers sweat & wilted ,actually the flowers are dried well but once it rained nothing can be Customer luv the design
Thanks Sri for trusting me....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Small cookie animal

These cookies really small & the size is only 1 inch.....had to put some efforts to make it ,like I've said in my previous post these small cutter also has been sitting idle in my treasure chest for quite some time....

Cookies for welcoming baby boy

When my special friend,Zuraidah gave birth to a healthy baby boy last month which is on 14 of Feb, automatically I remembered my small baby cutter set that my husband has bought for me when he was stationed in Melbourne in 2008.Imagined for how long it has been sitting idle in my "Doraemon box"?I guess maybe this is a right time for me to try & give it to my friend as a" buah tangan"...with full of enthusiasm ..tara!!! I've made it..he..he.. I thinks they turn out really cute.....
I've made various designs to complete the baby set....the size of the cookies range from 1.5 " to 2.5 "

This is how I displayed the baby set cookie.....maaf ya saya mmg tak pandai dalam gubah-mengubah nie...keras tangan

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cookie card for Wedding Gift

Loves making this cookie card for Rahmah & Suhairi.....and it was ordered by Rahimah a.k.a the bride's sister.Rahimah just gave me the theme colour & she leaves everything to me for the embellishments on the cookie Size of the cookie card is 11" x 7" -fully decorated with fondant
Closeup the bride & groom in their Malay Traditional Wedding Outfit

And this is how I packed the cookie card.....
Thanks Rahimah......I'm glad that she liked it & so do her husband & wink..wink her hubby even mentioned to me "nape akak tak buat ni masa kami kawin dulu" he..he...akak kembang dik akak senyum