Friday, March 4, 2011

Cookie card for Wedding Gift

Loves making this cookie card for Rahmah & Suhairi.....and it was ordered by Rahimah a.k.a the bride's sister.Rahimah just gave me the theme colour & she leaves everything to me for the embellishments on the cookie Size of the cookie card is 11" x 7" -fully decorated with fondant
Closeup the bride & groom in their Malay Traditional Wedding Outfit

And this is how I packed the cookie card.....
Thanks Rahimah......I'm glad that she liked it & so do her husband & wink..wink her hubby even mentioned to me "nape akak tak buat ni masa kami kawin dulu" he..he...akak kembang dik akak senyum

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ChemiEma said...

wah...wah kak Nurul..Ikhlas tuh hubby saya puji hasil kerja tangan akak. Memang special..lah, cookie card akak buat nih!Thank you gazillion kak Nurul.