Sunday, August 31, 2008

Award from Yani

Award dari Yani ...Tq dear..sorry lambat pi angkut award ni....

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wedding door gift

Wuargh....sleepy & exhausted,that's the right word which I can described.....500 cupcakes has been ordered by Shiham for her brother's wedding.The wedding reception will be held tonight at Kelana Jaya.Tq Shiham for trusting me by placing this order.....and also to Yus ,for being good intermediary btwn me & Shiham...hi..hi...owe you so much....Selamat Pengantin Baru to Irfan & Emma...Baked all the cuppies on wednesday evening,and start frosting and deco all the cuppies on the thursday morning till friday morning.....huarg...sleepy meepy....
After makeup.....5 different yellow,purple pink,red pink,yellow brown & yellow swirl....

Phew....I would like to thanked Yus for helping me assembling the cuppies into individual packaging(she took her annual leave just for helping me "terharu sangat atas pertolongan mu"..hik..hiks...) and also to my dear hubby for diligently helping me in everythings from the house chores to assembling the cuppies into the packaging,accompany me till midnight while I'm busy decorating the cuppies and ur endless support...TQ dear...

Ben 10 for Faris

Zaliana one of my cyber's friend has ordered this chocolate cake with Ben 10 theme for her little one, Mr Faris......again had to browse the internet for this character ..hi..hi..hi..I never know that this cartoon is hugely hit amongs children....ingin berterima kasih sama , Mbak Ratih kerana memberi keizinan pada saya untuk menggunakan Teknik "Jiplak" beliau..... saya cuba buat tapi masih tak menjadi...comot habis cake tu dan kena frosting lagi sekali,at last saya gunakan teknik hand jer dan teknik pengisian icing tu saya ikut cara Mbak Ratih yg ternyata sgt senang iaitu dgn menggunakan piping bag jer & tak payah pakai apa2 nozzle pun...Terima Kasih lagi sekali ya Mbak.....Name topper tu saya buat dr white chocolate....happy eating...dan to Za, nice meeting you...lain kali kita jumpa lagi...

please view here for birthday boy's picture.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bear Hug from Kak Rozi kasih kak rozi bagi bear comei ni kat saya....muah..muah...tengkiu sis.....

Carrot Coconut Cupcakes

I've made these cuppies for my mother ,and I must say that these cuppies is so good & it taste yummylicious....thanks to Lynn Hassan for sharing these superb recipe .The level of sweetness is so right and my mother loves it very much....hmmm....and my hubby gave 2 thumbs up....... :)

Kembang Setaman

Another order from Kak Yati,choc cuppies for "makan-makan"....She gave full freedom to me to deco these Kak Yati.....

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Mistakes........ just realized that I've made a big mistake for this both orders,my cousin Kak Ida has ordered the above choc cuppies & below is also choc cuppies and it was ordered by my Aunt(Mak Teh) .....
After I've handed all the cuppies, I have tasted the left over cuppies(my habit)then I realized that instead of putting the baking powder into the ingredients,I've put the Sodium bottles is sitting together side by mistakesssssssss.....immediatelly I've called my aunt mentioning the above Aunt just laugh.....(tulah padahnye kalau tgh letih pi baking cake,mata jadi kelabu asap.....) worry not as I've promised to my aunt that I'll refund all the payment .....hi...hi..hi....Sorry ya....I take it as a huge lesson...not to do the same mistakes in the future......
23/08/08:9.30am- My Mak Teh just call me this morning.....mentioning that everyone love the cuppies and didn't complaint about the taste ......Mak Teh also informed that she didn't tell about the matter to them(my lovely cousins ,neices & nephews) and she also said that I don't have to refund the payment......gheee...I've to give something to her & Kak Ida to compensate my

Cookies Mookies

Another set of cookies has been ordered by Rozi fr Telekom,Kl to her friends at SME Bank.
I love making this small cookies(1inch) which I use the Wilton cookie cutter & some from local bakery store.I think for this coming Hari Raya I'll making this small cookies & I bet that childrens will love them.For those who want to place the order ,price will be RM22 for 50pcs.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chocolate moist cake

Choc moist cake was ordered by Nor fr Desa Vista....simple deco as the cake just for "makan-makan".....TQ Nor....

Monday, August 18, 2008

My 1st Wedding cake

Flower from"herot berot"
I've to admit that it was a daunting task making this wedding I satisfied with the outcome eventhough my cake just look so & so jer.....being an amateur I think this the best that I could produce at the moment....
The displayed cake with the cuppies....could you see the yellow cloth under the bottom tier?'s my cousin's curtain....I forgot to brings my organza cloth....had to use apa saja yg ada.....
Could you see that little boy?....he keep circling around the cake with the anticipation to have one of the cute ...habis je acara potong kek tu..dialah yg pertama capai cuppies tu...
My cake after acara "potong memotong"

Wedding Gift

Yus( very supportive customer) ordered this wedding gift for her cousin.Again she requested the same design that I've made for her SIL last 2 weeks.Thank you Yus and "selamat Pengantin Baru " to Erra & Idzwan....semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat....amin...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cookies fo Atiyah & Haikal

I've just got another new cookie cutter.... miss butterfly,can't wait to try it and luckly after 2 days I bought it I've received this order from Liza.....56pcs of cookies for her niece & nephew.TQ Liza

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Merdeka celebration

Tanggal 31 bulan lapan 57

hi..hi..hi...this choc cuppies with the "merdeka theme" was ordered by Kak Yati for her daughter's school merdeka party celebration ......I'm having fun making all these flags but the real flag(with the toothpick)...hi..hi...cheating sikit yer, I bought the ready made jer...

Choc cuppies for "Kanak-kanak riang"

10 pcs of choc cupcakes with ganached was ordered by Kak Mizah for makan-makan....the theme was created by me..hi..hi..hi..(sesuka hati jer)...I love this kind of deco coz it doesn't take lots of time...just about 10 minutes...simple-mimple..he..he..he..

Chocolate Day

2kg Choc Moist cake ordered by Kak Wee from Klang.Tq Kak Wee...nanti mai lagi rumah cheq na...
4 inch choch moist cake with ganached topping & filling.Ordered by Yani for her younger sister...Tq yani Steamed layered cheese brownies for Yus....topping with cheddar cheese...thanks 4 being my loyal customer
hok ni...steamed brownies for makan - makan kat rumah....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Brownies kukus lapis keju

Ohhh....wish I could have a loving sister....hmm...tapi apakan daya ditakdirkan menjadi anak perempuan tunggal mmg takkan ada kakak nye....this cake has been ordered far from JB by Kak Roshaiza to her sister,Shidah.....the lucky lady is living in the same hausing area with me and plus we are ERLian's companions.Kak Roshaiza @ kak Aja has requested me to deliver the cake after 6.30pm which to make it as a surprise but it turn to otherway coz Shidah was not at home yet....haiyaa she must be celebrating her birthday with her hubby lor....takkan nak tunggu jer depan rumah dia dgn kekkan,so nak tak nak I've to call her mentioned that I want to give her something....and luckly she didn't suspect anything,she promised to come & collect "something" that she thought that maybe a 'juadah dr seorang jiran kpd jirannye' . She was totally surprised when she saw the cake and puzzled from where did I knew today is her birthday...he..he..had to story mory le kat dia....hua..hua...I was not happy with my roses...senget benget macam tuan dia gak...(kena practice lagi nih)...

Dapat Award

Hi..hi..thanks Hana bagi award ni kat saya....macam tak layak je dgn tittle award tu....anyway yehaa....thanks Hana

It has been done according to the following rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees

And I would like to pass this award to:
1. Rani
2. Kak Ana
3. Zaliana
4. Kak Nooral
5. Yani

Friday, August 8, 2008

Underwater collections

My very 1st attempt making fondant for kek besar......mmg menduga kesabaran utk org yg amatur macam saya ni...he..he...this is 8 inch choc moist cake and was ordered by Pn Shahnaz for her son's 1st birthday.

Set of cookies for birthday boy......Happy Birthday to Raja Arman Shah...semoga menjadi anak yg soleh dan diberkati selalu.Amin..... can view more pic here .... posted by intan.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rugby theme for engagement

Rugby ball for hantaran....Yus(my loyal customer) has ordered 2 sets of cake & cupcakes for her SIL's engagement.She asked me to make a rugby ball as her BIL to be is a rugby player.....the ball is made from choc sponge cake which I carved it with my humble kicthen knife and I wrap it with fondant ....but please don't laugh ya...ha..ha.. I know the ball doesn't potray exactly like rugby ball but more to "songkok"..he..he..maklumlah budak baru belajar.....Bottom is 10 inch choc moist cake.Got the inspiration from Tracy
Yus also requested me to embedded the different character to distinguish of her SIL & BIL to be on the cupcake.Again I've got the inspiration from here and credit has to be given to kak Anita Jamal.