Monday, June 30, 2008

Chocolate@cokelat cake...

Simple deco 1kg choco customer,zuraidah.....has requested for figurine of her FIL..Tn Hj. Ahmad Ismail....xi..hi...hi.....hi....maaf pakcik....saya terover letak uban..he..he...My very 1st attempt making "choco fencing" for the sides of the cake.....
Ni kes kotak tak muat...he..he..had to cut the upper box so that "pakcik" will have good position.....
received sms fr Zuraidah.....:
"TQ 4 making a delicious cake.mak mertua saya puji akak melambung2."

glad to hear that ,tq ya makcik.....hi..hi...hi...muah..muah...

Sunday, June 29, 2008


This cake has been ordered by my friend ,Shida .Actually she did ask me to do "ultraman nexus"....haiya...wa tatau wo,apa itu ultraman nexus...browse in the internet and surprised that this "creature" is sooooo complex.....meaning to say,I was not able to do that...takut sebenarnya....afraid that the result will not be as expected....then found this little ultraman character,so I decided to apply this on the cake....
hope MR Idlan Haqimi will like it...sorry ya...aunty nurul tak pass lagi bab2 melukih ni....this is 2kg choco moist cake ,I make it to 3 layer and sandwich each layer with chocolate ganache....

Cuppies for Birthday Boy

This cuppies is from sister to her brother....Yus has requested me to do some of her brother's favourite interest like bowling,chess,Sly and jersey.....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Cuppies

Flower PowerLove Garden
These 2 sets of cc has been ordered by my best friend,Syira......the flower power theme for her mother and the love garden theme is for her son's baby sitter.....Vanilla choco chips & PandanChoco rice.....Thank you you ..muah..muah...
Forgot to inform that some the character in the love garden was inspired by Yatt .....and again please don't compare my work with her.......hi..hi..hi...(I was granted the permission by her......)


Cookies with packaging

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Individual character

I've got new assignment....individual character.....ngeh..ngeh...40 cuppies with vanilla choco chip...Yus (my regular customer ) gave this task(has email the details of every character for each of her friends) and she did mentioned to me that she want me to experiment with new idea.....yes thank you to U ..ha..ha...don't laugh ya coz I know some of you will do....but anyway...let laugh together ha..ha..ha......some of the cartoon character macam tak jadi jer....maafkan saya ye....bab2 melukih ni masih keras lagi.... and like I mentioned in my previous entry,the miniature hand bags,heels,flip-flop was inspired by Anita Jamal .....her work is perfect but don't compare my work with her ya....I know...macam langit dgn bumi.....sekali lagi....saya kanak2 baru belajar....ha..ha...


Last monday I've experiment new recipe with my new 4 inch pan.....Coconut Cherry's refreshing for those who want something new...& .the taste is yummy....I've just make 1/3 of the recipe....

and I also made this miniature handicraft.....masih keras tangan wei....orang lain buat cantik jer...but mine looks so & so jer....inspired fr Anita Jamal ....gosh..she sooooo good and I always admired her work...

Monday, June 23, 2008

All Rise

This is not the All Rise sang by pasai harga barang2 baking naik yg boleh menyesakkan otak....We know that petrol's price has rise and subsequently all products will follow the trend....and I did expect there will be a little increase in baking price but I don't expect the eggs B's gred will increase too high....before this 30pcs egg has cost me RM7+++ but yesterday I've checked at grocery shop...guess RM9.40...waaaa...waaa....,
And yesterday I went to bakery supplier and I found that some of the item still in old price & some has rise...well at the moment I will not increase price for the cakes & cupcakes but if the situation sgt mendesak like the essential baking price like flour,butter naik terlalu tinggi then I'll considering to increase the price.....And I really appreciate if customer pick up the cake by themself instead of delivery coz I don't want to charge more....
sorry lah ye...mengomellah pulak....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sesame street & "kukis negro"

This cuppies has been ordered by Ustazah Kesuma for her daughter's birthday.......hope the cuppies is safe flying to Kepala Batas.....(she's travelling fr JB and transit at KLIA for connecting flight to Kepala Batas)...Choco cc with buttercream & fondant decorating...
I also made fancy cookies but with new version "kukis negro aka chocolate cookies",the taste is superb....Thanks to Peni for sharing the cousin has ordered it for her beloved daughter....Nuha....Thanks ya k.ani for giving the opportunity to me to experiment with new method of cookies....hope your girl will like it.....happy eating



    -Chocolate Moist
    -Buttercream Frosting, Starting From = RM60
    -Chocolate Ganache Frosting, Starting From = RM75

  • Red Velvet Cake
    -with Cream Cheese Filling & Buttercream Frosting
    Starting From = RM80
    -With full cream cheese frosting ,starting from = RM95
  • Marble Steamed Cheese Cake
    Starting From = RM65

  • Carrot Walnut Cake
    -full cream cheese frosting ,Starting From = RM85
    -buttercream frosting & cream cheese filling = RM75

  • Barbie Doll Cake
    Buttercream Frosting, Starting From = RM90
    Fondant , Starting From = RM150.00
    Additional Price For Platform cake And Underneath The Doll Cake.

  • Buttercake (with buttercream frosting)
    Vanilla, Strawberry,Orange
    Starting From = RM60

  • Sponge Cake
    Vanilla, Strawberry,Orange And Chocolate
    Starting From = RM60.00

  • Wedding & Engagement Cake
    & Gumpaste embellishments
    -Single Cake,Starting From = RM180
    -2 Tier Cake,Starting From = RM350
    -3 Tier Cake,Starting From = RM450
    final price depends on final touch,size of the cake & flavour.

  • Wedding & Engagement Cake
    Buttercream with Fondant & Gumpaste flower-Price will be based on finishing touch

    Buttercream / Jelly
    Chocolate Ganache
    Cream Cheese

  • NOTE:
    -Price Would Be different based on the finishing touch …..-Above price is for 8” & 9 “ diameter cake & do email me if you need the quotation price for other size of cake.-Please add RM25 for normal edible image & RM30 for editing edible image.
    * Pricing May Subject To Change From Time To Time

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Strawberry in the garden

Yusmeri is my regular customer and she has ordered this cuppies for her friend's birthday....Choco cupcake with buttercream.....TQ ya Yus..order le lagi ya...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy father's day

1st time making the figurines......hmm...hmmm....what do U think?not bad hah(puji diri sendiri wakaka..)....This is choc moist cake ordered by Abg Shaiful for his father and he requested me to modelling his parent sitting together and there must be a river and country house.....yeah...I take the challenge and he also want the signage of Kg Sg. Lui.....I start making this figurine on wednesday and keep it in the tupperware when I want to place it on the cake I noticed that my figurines macam nak terbalik & terpenyek sikit....wakaka....I did't place the house(I have bought the ready made house)....takut tak boleh tutup kotak pulak I informed him to place the house by himself .....
Today I also made steamed Brownies ordered by Shereen fr bandar mahkota and I forgot to snap the picture....ha..ha.....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cookies lagi....

I've have to admit that I enjoying very much making this fancy cookies,from moulding to baking and decorate it with royal icing.....I feel so much fun & the name might suggest,these cookies may be decorated with your imigination and you can play with any colours .To enhance the taste of the cookies I've added the mint flavour into royal icing....and it taste really nice........Anyone out there,if you interested you may place the order to me....I'll be happy to make it 4 you...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Decorating class

Yesterday I've attended 1 day cake decorating class with Kak Ayu Yuliana at Bdr Kinrara,Puchong.3 courses have been succesfully completed by me :steamed buttercream for 2 tier wedding cake,novelty cake & fancy cookies.It's really fun & enjoying learning all the technique & new I've made new friend with Na fr Kemaman....she's really vibrant & full of fun....(and also with 2 other friend adik Izzah & Hamraa).Kak Ayu is a good teacher & patience teaching & guiding me "the keras tangan girl-as always".....she always smile....Thank You kak Ayu...muaah......Steamed Buttercream method for wedding cake-I love this method so much....but the roses making....It's really challenging ...biasala ,I kan keras tangan...he..he...

Novelty cake aka Princes in the last I know how to frost the cake smoothly...
My favourite.....fancy cookies........


  • Menu:
    Carrot Coconut
    Vanilla Peanut Butter
    Red Velvet
    Pandan choco Rice
    Orange Poppy Seed

  • Price :
  • Carrot Coconut Set(M size)
    *Loaded with fresh grated carrots & with mixture of dessicated coconut & ground almond,iced with cream cheese....*
    16 Pieces / Box = Starting From RM56.00
    25 Pieces / Box = Starting From RM85.00
  • Vanilla Peanut Butter Set(M size)
    *Milky Vanilla cake with peanut butter filling,Frosting with chocolate buttercream & sprinkled with toasted almonds...*
    16 Pieces / Box = Starting From RM56
    25 Pieces / Box = Starting From RM85

  • Red Velvet Set(M size)
    *Bright red inside,moist & tender frosting with cream cheese & it's American speciality...*
    16 Pieces/Box = Starting From RM60
    25 Pieces/Box = Starting From RM90

  • Vanilla sponge cake/Chocolate Moist/Pandan choco rice & Orange Poppy Seed
    Frosting with Buttercream / Piping Jelly (S size)
    16 Pieces / Box = Starting From RM35
    25 Pieces / Box = Starting From RM55
    (For Edible Image, please add additional of RM25 / Set)
    price is subject for simple decorations and additional RM5 - RM10 for intricate design

  • Topping With Fondant(M Size)
    16 Pieces / Box = Starting From RM100
    25 Pieces / Box = Starting From RM150

    RM0.30 For Individual Packing In Plastic Dome Cup.
    RM8.00 For Chocolate Ganache Topping .

  • Note
    -massive order will be given special price
    -Please notify me at least 2 months in advance for massive order
    -And at least 1 week in advance for small quantity ....
    -please don't hesitate to call/email or SMS me for details....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Makan Pengantin

I made this cuppies for my ex-officemate Hany Nuraffendy,actually Abg shaiful has ordered it to be assembled at meja pengantin for makan beradab and since I was not able to attend the kenduri which will be held on this saturday so I give it as a gift......
View here for the picture taken on the meja pengantin(picture by Abg Shaiful)

I also made extra cuppies for Abg shaiful's family....experiment the multicolour buttercream but it not come out as I expected...ghee....kena practice lagi nih...