Saturday, April 30, 2011

Humaira turns 4

 The no 4 shape cake was made from 9" x 13 " rectangular cake
Chocolate cake + buttercream + chocolate ganached filling + fondant figurine
Thanks Wani & happy birthday to Humaira....

Raof & Lia

9 pcs Choc cupcakes + Fondant
Thanks Farah...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Love is on the air....

 The size of the cookie is 1.5 inchs....saja nak tayang tangan saya yg gumuks itu sebagai perbandingan dengan cookies ahaks...he..he..

200 packs altogether and it took me 4 days to complete it...phew...
Thanks're truly my loyal customer.. muahs... :))

Polka dot love

8 inchs Chocolate moist cake + Buttercream + fondant
Thanks Efa(she's my regular customer)....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcoming new arrivals

New cookie bouquet for Nana & her new arrivals

Marissa the Gypsy Princess

Red Velvet + Buttercream + Fondant

I feel honoured to bake the cake for 2 consecutive years for Marissa fast time flies...she already 2 years old

Thanks Sue.....happy birthday to Marissa

Disney Cookies for Iman Sufia

Made all these cookie for Iman Sufia...accordings to her mom ,she loves everything about Agent OSO,Handy Many,Dibo & Mickey Mouse....and ho..ho..I'm having fun making all these characters too as my son also a huge fan to all these clans... OSO Handy Many Dibo And last but not least Mickey & Minnie

Thanks Linda for trusting me :) ....Thanks also for ur good remarks ;-)

sorry my pic seems quite power battery :(

Mademoiselle in pink

Red Velvet + Buttercream + fondant

Mademoiselle literary means 'Miss' in french word and to match with the theme I've choose to decorate the barbie with Marie Antoinette style...

Thanks Linda...she also ordered 20 pcs Disney character cookies for her Princess....

Sms from Linda

"salam nurul,iman sufia suka sgt dgn kek tue..asyik tersenyum jer... dia asyik kira cookies tue aje...good job nurul...tak sabar nkbwk kat sekolah...maknye pun terlebih excited sbb first time nk celebrate kat skool.btw u tulis nama I salah i'm Linda bkn aida..he..he.."

Wakaka...he..he..Kelabu asap lagi cik nurul ni...tu lah padah kalau menaip sambil ber FB & umar dok kacau sama(salahkan anak he..he..) ,ampun...dah betulkan :)...glads to know that Iman Sufia & her mommy like it ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Basic cupcake class

Basic Cupcake class with Yus(my ERL's buddy) & Watie from Stich Cookies . Just to inform that before this I have received so many request for classes & due to my shortage of 'ME'(he..he..tak der helper to babysit my son yg sebenarnya), I've declined some or maybe most of it....sorry :( . But worry not if you are interested to have class with me,kindly email me & I'll try my best to allocate one for you(yg nie selalunya ikut my DH schedule sbb dia yg akan babysit my son..he..he..). At the moment 1 session class per month & min/max 2 students per class ;-) Ok let see what Yus & Watie has accomplished....
class was held at my tiny kitchen & this is the reason why I can only have 2 student per session... Watie's work Yus's work

Thanks you to both Yus & Watie.....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Princess's closet

Made these various shapes of gown/dress for my friend's daughter who will turn 5 on this coming Monday.

50 pieces altogether & I've courried it on Tuesday to Ipoh & my friend has received it on the next day...phew....selamat semuanya ;-)

Thanks's been long time kita tak jumpa...he..he.. almost 13 years

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Imran turns 2

No 2 cake was made from rectangular cake

It's a buttermilk vanilla cake with chocolate ganached filling

The birthday boy loves everythings about Cars lightning Mcqueen ..... Thanks Aida......

Sms from Aida:13/4/11

"Hi Nurul,this is Aida,who ordered d mcqueen bday cake 2 weeks ago.Wanna thx u 4 d luvly cake u did.Imran luvs d decoration esp d car n d cake really yummy.Till 2day I still keep d car hehehe...Isyaallah next year Aida order lagi.Tq very2 much,ur cakehas surely made my Imran so happy :-D"

Thanks Aida....glads that Mr Imran like it :)& thanks to U too for trusting me...

Mickey Mouse Club House for Haris

When Anis dropped me an email requesting this Mickey Mouse Club House theme ,I was really2x excited to make it ....but to tell the truth shaping Mickey and Minnie was really tricky,especially their mouths....I spent a good 3 hours trying as hard as I could to get both of it to look decent,and after that everythings fell into place nicely...phew.....but sadly my DH said it doesn't look alike..wuarhg pun amatur & keras tangan) 4 inch & 8 inchs Buttermilk Vanilla cake with Strawberry cream filling
The KLCC-specially requested by Haris's Grandfather
40 pieces Disney character cookies as party favor...

Thanks Anis & Happy Birthday to Haris.....

Princess cake for Aliya

Choc moist cake + buttercream + fondant Thnaks kak Yati.....

Disney character cookies

Size of these cookies range from 2 to 2.5 inchs


16 pcs vanilla cupcakes + Buttercream

Thanks Efa....

Cookies for Nadira

30 pcs vanilla cookies with princess theme for Nadira's 5th Birthday
Thanks Kak Yani.....

Basic Cupcake class

Basic cupcake class with Kak Zaity & Kak Zah on last Sunday,27th March....
Kak Zah's work...
Kak Zaity's work
The two gorgeous lady...we have fun,we have joy,we have season in the sun...he..he...

Thanks ya Kak Zah & Kak Zaity....