Friday, May 30, 2008

Mawar oh mawar

I was assigned to the do the roses theme by Mariati,my ex-officemate......she has given the idea which I find it easy for me to comprehend and I really enjoyed making all these I said before if the order is in small quantity I dare to take the challenge as I'm still amateur in flower making....this cuppies will be given to Mariati's best friend as a wedding gift.Hope the cuppies is safe thru journey to Penang.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new toys new toys....after delivered the hantaran cuppies to adik nurul at Jln sultan ismail I went to section 14.....of course ICCA wilton centre....taking Putra LRT fr Dang Wangi station heading to Asia Jaya Station....and have to wait approximately 25mins to get Rapid KL bus(ghee...I thought the time interval for each bus is every 15 mins...cannot be called rapid nih...he...he...berleter la pulak)back to ICCA ,I reached there around 9.45am and its still early...bersemangat la pulak, kedai pun tak bukak lagi....isi perut dulu coz I haven't take breakfast yet as I went out early in the morning which I'm taking ERL on 8am.Then on 10.15am I'm heading to ICCA and guess what?I'm their 1st customer usuall "rambang mata" but my pocket has restrained my desire ....he..he...kalau dah nama perempuan,semua brg nak borong... .I also bought the imprinting rolling pin for fondant(I don't know the exact name 4 it),at first I thought the cost will be around RM40 to RM70 but I'm totally's really drained my $$$$$....the length of 10cm has cost RM99 and the above pin is RM129 for 30cm length...phew...pejam mata jer...nak buat camno, dah nak guna beli jugak le.

Hantaran in Cocoa/brown colour

The theme colour is brown/cocoa which is my favourite colour......and I don't have any idea how to create 1st stage I want to make roses then I was thinking that there's no roses in that colour and besides I will need some perseverence & effort to make it...25 pcs of it....thought I'm a newbee in flower making so I make this simple daisies instead of roses....16pcs pandan choco rice with fondant decorations(for hantaran) & the rest with buttercream(for makan2).
This cuppies has been ordered by adik nurul for her enggagement and as for her hantaran....

Assortment cuppies for my good neighbour & friend.......

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday's order & a gift to new friendship

This cuppies was ordered by Yaya fr putrajaya for her friend's engagement and it is a gift to Che Yam & M.Helmi....(the picture is quite blur....keep nagging my hubby for new macam tak dilayan je..he..he..)
This cuppies was made to be given as a gift to Yaya & her parent for their generous hospitality....and for new friendship.....hope they will like it.

My new packaging.....the transparent box is for 16pcs cc and the red box is for 25pcs cc....

Saturday's order

Yusmeri one of my ERLian friend has ordered this cuppies for her niece's birthday,since her niece will turn 2 so I think "Dora the explorer" theme is suitable ........Choco cc with vanila buttercream.I've got some inspiration fr kak Daalia.....maklumlah tak ada anak so tak tahu pasal cartoon character nih....Happy Birthday to Aleefa....

This is steamed layered cheese brownies and was ordered by kak Ina fr nilai ,she also one of my ERLian's friend....Dont have any particular idea actually and since this cake is for her son's birthday and suddenly the football idea is pop up....hope Mr Shahiran will like it....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Super"Lokman"Man & superheros

He..he...I'm not sure wether this superman look alike the original version....the face of mr superman look like mat fr kg boy....he..he..mmg fail dlm bab2 melukih ni ,Syira my best friend has ordered this cake & cuppies for her son's birthday.....You can see the cuppies has KLCC & it is becoz mr lokman love KLCC so much ...hope mr lokman aka super'lokman'man will like it...
(raisin steamed brownies with buttercream)

Hantaran Cuppies

This hantaran cuppies has been ordered by my ex-officemate Zuraidah fr Puchong for her brother's wedding.1st time play with fondant and it quite challenging to me as an amateur eventhough it is a simple deco.....ghee....I'm happy with the outcome & hope the cake is safe thru journey to K.Terengganu....

Cookies -Price

Cake2U offered 2 types of flavour:
a).Small cookies -50 pieces RM60
*designs are limited
*Royal Icing decorations
b). 2 inchs size price will start from RM2 to RM4
c). 3 inchs size price will start from RM3 to RM6
d). 4 inchs size price will start from RM5 to RM8
e).Cookie bouquet -price will start from RM65
minimum cookies in this bouquet is 10 pcs
maximum cookies will be 18 pcs
*price is subject to design,embellishments prop(i.e. ribbons,vase etc) & quantity of the cookie.
f).Cookie card
Price subject to size,boxes & designs-please mail me for details.

Wedding gift part 2

Azie from cyberjaya has ordered this cuppies for wedding gift for his SIL for majlis bertandang (this is a repeat order).TQ Azie........she requested rossette & I'm hoping that I'm not copying any other cupcakemaker's design...try to come out with my own version....not as pretty as Anna ...her flower garden is so adorable....

Saturday, May 10, 2008

wedding gift

The theme actually was light blue & gold unfortunately I don't have anything incorporate with gold colour....ghee...this cuppies was ordered by Azie fr cyberjaya for wedding gift to her SIL.

Tq Azie......

Friday, May 9, 2008

Spidey cuppies

This cuppies was ordered by Yus for her son aka MR Adam and to be distributed to her son's I mentioned before my drawing still need more practising,u can see the mr spiderman turn to be mr gaban..he..he......hope mr adam like it.(choc cc with buttercream)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

flower power

My 1st attempt making flower -roses & petunia .....not bad ...but have to practise more to master it

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cuppies for twins

Cuppies for little twins Hafiz & Haris.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Steamed layered cheese brownies

This cake & cuppies was ordered by my super best friend syira....since she din't set any theme coz all the cake & cc will be bring back to her IL's kampung and I just make simple deco on cc based on sesame street character -elmo & monster....frankly it's not look alike....masih keras tangan lagi bab2 melukih nih....

Tie the knot

This cuppies is for my hubby's friend.The wedding reception will be held on 4th of May & since both of us cannot attend it so my hubby requested me to make the cuppies .Hope the family will like it & happy makan2...sorry the picture quite blurrrr ...gosh maybe I need to consider to buy new cam...