Friday, May 23, 2008

Cookies -Price

Cake2U offered 2 types of flavour:
a).Small cookies -50 pieces RM60
*designs are limited
*Royal Icing decorations
b). 2 inchs size price will start from RM2 to RM4
c). 3 inchs size price will start from RM3 to RM6
d). 4 inchs size price will start from RM5 to RM8
e).Cookie bouquet -price will start from RM65
minimum cookies in this bouquet is 10 pcs
maximum cookies will be 18 pcs
*price is subject to design,embellishments prop(i.e. ribbons,vase etc) & quantity of the cookie.
f).Cookie card
Price subject to size,boxes & designs-please mail me for details.


QueenBebop said...

sweets look great
god bless

tintin said...

everything is so nice nurul. 4 thumbs up!!! including my toes....hahaha!!!