Thursday, May 29, 2008

My new toys new toys....after delivered the hantaran cuppies to adik nurul at Jln sultan ismail I went to section 14.....of course ICCA wilton centre....taking Putra LRT fr Dang Wangi station heading to Asia Jaya Station....and have to wait approximately 25mins to get Rapid KL bus(ghee...I thought the time interval for each bus is every 15 mins...cannot be called rapid nih...he...he...berleter la pulak)back to ICCA ,I reached there around 9.45am and its still early...bersemangat la pulak, kedai pun tak bukak lagi....isi perut dulu coz I haven't take breakfast yet as I went out early in the morning which I'm taking ERL on 8am.Then on 10.15am I'm heading to ICCA and guess what?I'm their 1st customer usuall "rambang mata" but my pocket has restrained my desire ....he..he...kalau dah nama perempuan,semua brg nak borong... .I also bought the imprinting rolling pin for fondant(I don't know the exact name 4 it),at first I thought the cost will be around RM40 to RM70 but I'm totally's really drained my $$$$$....the length of 10cm has cost RM99 and the above pin is RM129 for 30cm length...phew...pejam mata jer...nak buat camno, dah nak guna beli jugak le.

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