Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cupcake Tiers & Cake Stand

Hi everyone....Cake2U would like to share 2 new items which are now available for rental.It's the cutest and latest in things for any occasions that you have in mind which is perfect compliment to liven up any party decor.....especially great for weddings,shower,engagement party,birthday and corporate event.In order to do so Cake2U are happy to offer you our tier/stand for rentals.We have two elegant tiers for you to choose from,7 tiers acrylic cupcake stand and 3 tiers Graceful cake stand.

7 Tiers Acrylic Cupcake Stand
Fits 125 small size cupcake(2 oz)
Fits 115 medium size cupcake(2.5 oz)

3 tiers Graceful cake Stand
Fits 43 pcs small size cupcake (2 oz)
Fits 39 pcs medium size cupcake (2.5 oz)
This tier also perfect for assembling your dream cakes,petits fours,mini cakes or any delectable dessert.
The tier/stand can also be customised to include the fresh flowers,ribbons,decorations that fits with your party or wedding theme.
Please call me for more info .
I'll updating soon wedding & party package to accompany with these tiers.


Muzhirah said...
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Muzhirah said...

salam...nak tanya psl 3 tier cake stand...brp harga jual atau utk sewa shj? TQ

mom's cake house said...

askm. nk tny jual ke kek stand tu,boleh pm price dak? tq

annisabdullah said...

ada jual tak 3tier cake stand tu???

farah nabiha said...

cake stand nie sewa tak? yg 7tier

elliot said...

Can u pm me price for rent or purchase of 7 tier cupcake stand. Thanks

Sazlin Abubakar said...

7 Tiers Acrylic Cupcake Stand
pm price 0173625930 lin

fizah said...

Hi..pls email me price for 7 tiers cupcake stand..