Friday, August 27, 2010

Raya cookies part 2

My 2nd raya cookies's project...phew....penat..these orders came from a sweet lady,Diana.At first she only ordered 50 packs which 3 pieces small cookie in 1 pack & I accepted it as I'm considered it's a small amount but she do mentioned to me that maybe the amount will increase & I said okay coz at that time I thought maybe the amount will increase only slightly and I was totally wrong...Diana call me last week updated the latest amount & it has increased to 275 packs....what can I say...I can't says no as I already gave my muka... Made 3 designs only as I'm shortage of time....did you notice my new plate?'s a gift from Zarina(my gud baking friend)...Thank you Zarina....luv it so much....
3 pieces per pack

Close up....

Thanks Diana,hope your company's Hari Raya Request Programme will be enjoyed by everybody.

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