Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mizi & Alma

The Groom's mother is my cousin and I had promised her that I will sponsoring 3 tiers wedding cake for her son's wedding. That was before I'm pregnant...he..he...and when the date of the wedding has been scheduled I'm in 4th months of my pregnancy and was thinking by the time the reception take place I'll be in 34 weeks preggy...larat ke nak bake lagi...but promised is promised , so I said to my cousin that I will make wedding cake & cupcake setup instead. At first she said tak payah la coz she was afraid that it will harm my pregnancy...and she will find other bakers to bake for her son, but at the end I managed to convince her that I can make it....

And yesterday at The Dewan Serbaguna Apartment Sri Indah, Sri Kembangan , I've managed to come out with these cupcake & cake setup.

Simple cupcake setup as supposedly the setup is to be adorned with fresh red roses, but unfortunately the flowers came a little bit've prepared the setup a little bit early on 10 am as I've to rush to Colombia Asia Hospital for my pregnancy checkup which was scheduled on 11:40am.

 The upper tier was 6 inchs Orange poopy seed butter cake & was adorned with my gumpaste flowers.

100 pcs of Vanilla cupcakes with Vanilla buttercream ,luckily the weather held yesterday and was also a bit cooler, which is always better from a cake-maker’s point of view!

Umar & Maktok a.k.a my beloved mak (imported tukang masak dari perlis... he..he...muka kepenatan selepas habis memasak)

I was glad that my counsin loves it and so do the Bride & Groom......To Mizi & Alma...Selamat menempuh alam bahagia & semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat..Amin..

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