Friday, June 15, 2012

My SIL's day

The  above cake was made for my SIL 's hantaran(dowry gift)....the wedding receptions was held on 28th of May ,the cake was baked and covered with fondant by my baking friend Kak Nina part just decorate the cake with my homemade sugarflowers.I didn't bring much of my decorating tools and I think this is the best that I can come with....
For the wedding favor I just made these simple vanilla cookies...550 pieces cookie altogether,its took me 2 days to bake the cookies and 1 day to decorate it with simple outline RI(royal icing) and for the packaging I should have thanked my beloved Hubby and my baking friend, Zarina 

1 comment:

Nur Hidayah Amir said...

how much you charge for this kind of design?
i'm getting engaged this coming 1st sept.