Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fancy cookies & basic fondant cake

Last Sunday & Monday my humble house has been visited by my old friend with mission to learn fancy cookies & basic fondant cake.She wanted to be anonymous & I've to respect that. 1st day was fancy cookies class.I've taught her from the scratch....preparing the dough,bake to perfection,introducing to royal icing consistencies & cookie decorating.
Wedding cookies embellishment from royal icing & fondant....all these done by my friend

2nd day was basic fondant cake.She choose hantaran cake.I've taught her preparing the homemade fondant & gumpaste,covering fondant on the cake & flower making.
The final result from my friend.....she came all away from Perlis & 2 thumbs up for my friend for her perseverance & effort to learn all these from me...
eventhough she want to be anonymous...I've to promote can visit her here .


Hana' Yusuff said...

nampak kemas royal aising tu. licin je.selalu nurul buat pekat atau cairkan sikit? byk ilmu nak kena tuntut dgn nurul ni.:)

Cake2u said...

royal icing tu kena thin kan dgn air bit by bit...dapat right consistency baru deco..