Sunday, June 6, 2010

Green & White theme wedding cake

The theme is green & white.....Customer is my former colleague,he ordered the cake as a wedding gift to her beloved sister & it's for cake cutting ceremony....Thanks Hafiz.... -It's 6 & 8 inchs vanilla butter cake with strawberry filling & 11 inchs orange butter cake with orange mandarin filling.
-Flowers from gumpaste & homemade fondant.

I name it as "The summer hat cake" & also with the same theme. Adnan also my former colleague has ordered this for the wedding dowry(hantaran).He & Hafiz are cousin...means that the cake is for Hafiz's sister ....

Adnan also placed this order....cupcakes for "makan-makan"... Thanks to Hafiz & Adnan......jgn serik order dgn kak nurul lagi ya...

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