Friday, September 5, 2008

Summer beach

I have fun & enjoyed making this cuppies with the summer beach theme..... Yus(thank you for being my loyal & supportive customer & always give new idea & assignment 2 me to practice...thanks again ..muah..muah..) has ordered this choc cuppies for her aunt's birthday and she wanted me to do beaches things....and all edible except for the coconut trees.After finishing deco & embedded all the cupcake's topper then I realized it's look like Anna's creation ...ghee...but not so exactly...her work is much more impeccable & beautiful ...mine just look so & so jer... Flip-flops & shirts was made from chocolate.I wrote the wording with my new edible colour marker....macam sememeh jer tulisan tu coz fondant still not completely dry.
hi..hi..hi..I know,the boob is to hubby has commented on the size...I thinked it's okay coz I wanted it to be like Pamela Anderson....ha..ha.. and my mr "sotong"....I think he's cute...

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