Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adeena & Atok Dol

Chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganached frosting......Azleen from Seremban has ordered this cake for her father & her little one whom turn 1 this year.Both grandpa & grandchild sharing the same birth date and because of that Ayu has requested me to modelling her father & her daughter on top of the cake....he..he..he...the best part is she did adding that "mesti ada janggut tau" for her father....I hope that both Atok Dol & Adeena will like the cake ...and to both of them ...Happy Birthday...

Thank You ya Azleen for the order ....

SMS from Azleen:
"d cake was so cute!cannot stop smiling ble tgk cake tu.atok pulak suka kids luv them.thx a lot yea" also cannot stop smiling when assembling this cake....Tq ya Lenn

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