Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cake for Sophie Aqilah

Chocolate cake with Pink theme.My ex-classmate in UiTM has ordered this cake for her little princes whom turned 4 this year.She requested the edible image to be embedded on the cake and luckily I have the flower puff girl's icing sheet and it has incorporated perfectly with the pink theme.I've used American Chocolate Cake as my friend's hubby(also my ex-classmate) allergy with soda bicarbonate and I hope the cake will taste good as this is my 1st trial baking chocolate cake without s.b.,She also has requested me to do the fancy cookies and thousand apologies for not able to make it happen.Actually I've already baked the cookies and I was planned to decorate it this morning and sadly my "best illness" mr flu has attacking Sorry ya Aida and Thank You for your understanding .For little miss Sophie Aqilah...Happy birthday dear....(I love her name so much).

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