Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cake Balls

I've baked the red velvet cake & crumble it into pile of crumbs then I added 1 cup cream cheese frosting(the mix will be slightly sticky,but not completely mush).Rolled it into ball size & chilled for several hours.I've melt the milk chocolate bar & add with a little bit of shortening.Then dip each ball in individually. Allow to set on parchment paper, which only takes a few minutes & decorate as desired.
To sum up my experience with the cake balls, I'd say that they are very simple to make, yet very time consuming.I was really happy with how well these turned out. They were pretty cute, and very delicious. However, they are also really sweet....but I find it's okay for the sweet craves like me....I plan to make these again, and this time I think I'll try chocolate cake, and maybe even get more adventurous with the decorating....wink..wink...

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