Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Double celebrations part 1-Tom N Jerry

Made 2 cakes for my friend, Nor.....she is having double birthday celebrations which she has shared with her twin's son.... I made a Rainbow cake with cream cheese frosting and just decorated the cake with Tom N Jerry decorated sugar cookies ...simple and nice....
What I absolutely love about this cake is the element of surprise and the wow-factor, when the first piece is cut and served.There was literally some audible gasps at the table when they saw the rainbow inside.....Sorry I forgot to snap picture of a cake itself...sangat2 terlupa...dah sampai kat rumah Nor...kanak-kanak ribena dah menyerbu so mmg tak sempat nak snap a decent picture of the cake..he..he..
 My munchkin stays close near to the cake and it's like his birthday pulak...He so excited when the twin blows the candles...he..he..

and for Nor...I've made the Devil's food chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and chocolate ganached topping...ermmm it so delicious..I sorced the recipe from  here ...thanks again to Kak Yani (my Idol..he..he..)

 Tom...did u notice that something is missing on Tom appearances...keh..keh..yess...I forgot to put his eyebrows
And Jerry....he will always becomes Tom's favourite nemesis....

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