Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Doraemon Cookies

Umar loves cookies and snacks .... but I didn't want him have to much sugary in his diet so the choice is to make my own junk food but in healthier version...alhamdullilah so far he loves my version of cookies and junk food a.k.a snacks ....

Actually he's not a big fan to this character and just recently knew about this cartoon when back to my parents' house as my youngest brother love to read the Doraemon's comics and that is how Umar discovered this gadget cat from the future .....

I've bought Cartoon Cookies's Y3K book by Coco Kong   and I show the book to him to let he choose the cartoon design and surprisingly he chooses Doraemon.......

Doraemon Cookies
credits to :Coco Kong
100g butter (at room temperature)
80g  icing sugar
1 egg yolk
60g cream cheese

140g rose flour(I used plain flour)
120g cornflour
20g rice flour

1/2 tsp red colouring

(soaked together,squeezed dry,expressed blue juice)
3g dried bunga telang
22ml water
I omit this step...don't know how to find the dry bunga telang

1/2 tsp blue colouring(I used sky blue gel food colour)

(mixed together,spoon into piping bag to make the eyes)
10g egg white
70g icing sugar
1 tsp cornflour
some black sesame

1.combine ingredient (A) into a bowl,mix well.Add in ingredient (B),mix again.pour on table top,knead with  your palm to form a dough(since I omit step (D) I mix (B) or the flour mixture bit by bit to form a dough).
2.Take 40g  of dough,keep it natural .Divide to 45 pieces,shape round then fatten
3.Take 10g of dough add in red colour...knead well
4.the remaining dough,add in blue colour..knead well and divide into 10g each .
5.shape a piece of no.(4) into round,stick a piece of no.(2).Shape out whiskers,stick some no .(3) to act as a nose and mouth,arrange on baking tray...repeat the process
6.bake the cookies in a preheated oven at 130'C for 35 mins(I bake for 40 mins)

The making process is easy, but time consuming...it took me a very good 2 hours from mixing to shaping it nicely just to get the 45 pieces only...the taste...not too sweet and simply delicious..
He ate 10 of it and I can hear audible hmmmm when he munch the cookies....hilang penat menguli....he..he..

Monday, May 7, 2012

Girl's Cookies

Made these Vanilla cookies for Babycuppycakes's client....100 pcs altogether....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Double Celebrations part 2 - Pirate theme

Ahoy mateys!!! I't a pirate's theme birthday..he..he...I've been commissioned by my next door neighbour to make cakes for her 1 year old son and her 4 years old nephew....and the theme is pirates....
 I've made Red Velvet  and oreo cake......the ship was RV.....at this stage after finished frosting the cakes I really out of ideas to decorate it...and masa ni jam dah pukul 11mlm...
 Then after good 3 hours......and yet still not complete ...huarwgg...so sleepy and the time was 2.30am....tak pe esok sambung..
 The finish product.....

 can you spot  the differences of these two pictures...yesss....the lights...it seems that I've to invest buy DLSR he..he......Hubby please buy one for me..muahaha...

 Here are the cookies that went with the cakes....and yes you are right I've made multi racial pirates keh..keh..keh..
Thanks Nana....and the event was held on 29th April and too bad I could't join the party as my Aishah not feeling well .....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Double celebrations part 1-Tom N Jerry

Made 2 cakes for my friend, Nor.....she is having double birthday celebrations which she has shared with her twin's son.... I made a Rainbow cake with cream cheese frosting and just decorated the cake with Tom N Jerry decorated sugar cookies ...simple and nice....
What I absolutely love about this cake is the element of surprise and the wow-factor, when the first piece is cut and served.There was literally some audible gasps at the table when they saw the rainbow inside.....Sorry I forgot to snap picture of a cake itself...sangat2 terlupa...dah sampai kat rumah Nor...kanak-kanak ribena dah menyerbu so mmg tak sempat nak snap a decent picture of the cake..he..he..
 My munchkin stays close near to the cake and it's like his birthday pulak...He so excited when the twin blows the candles...he..he..

and for Nor...I've made the Devil's food chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and chocolate ganached topping...ermmm it so delicious..I sorced the recipe from  here ...thanks again to Kak Yani (my Idol..he..he..)

 Tom...did u notice that something is missing on Tom appearances...keh..keh..yess...I forgot to put his eyebrows
And Jerry....he will always becomes Tom's favourite nemesis....