Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kek Tepak Sireh

Made this cake for my brother's wedding gift a.k.a hantaran
The cake was Tesco fruit cake..he..he...cheating....I didn't have time to bake the cake and to make it easy I just bought it...senang cerita...I just decorate the cake with my homemade fondant.....
I didn't bring much of my decorating stuff and I just used what ever available at my Mother's pantry...
The daun Sireh was made from fondant which I used real daun sireh to get the leaf effects then I dust it with edible moss green colour powder.
The roses and the leaf was made using peggy porshen method which doesn't use any cutter.
Only the bunga pinang I used the real one and the rest is totaly made from fondant.
Everyone was terkejut when my mother told them it was a cake...he..he...berbaloi bersenkang mata selama 2 hari menyiapkan kek ni...almaklumlah time umar and Aishah tidur baru boleh decorate the cake...ok later I will upload more picture on my brother's wedding day...

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