Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peach Cake for my BFF

Made this yummy easy peasy Peach Cake for my BFF .....NorInsyirah Osman,kira kata this is 1st time I've made dessert yang ala-ala Continental cake...
Actually my plans was to make Red Velvet cake with special cream cheese & mascarporne frosting but unfortunately some of the ingredients tak dak(mati-mati saya ingat all bahan2 ada,so rileks ja tak pi beli baru....bila nak buat baru mengelabah muhahaha) ,maka terbatal lah niat suci murni saya tu saya masuk pantry a.k.a baking room saya dok termenung memikir what kind of cake saya nak buat kat BFF saya ni...then aha...idea pun datang coz saya ternampak satu tin buah Peach yang lagi 3 bulan nak expire... ngeee...maka terlaksana lah misi Peach Cake ni...(luckily I have Whipping cream :D )

Simple decorations....bake the sponge cake on 10.30pm(ni kes my kiddies dah tidur baru boleh bake) and decorate the cake on 7am the next day ....My BFF nak mai awal rumah saya tu yang kena decorate awal...nasib baik juga Umar & baby Aishah tak bangun tidur lagi..phew...macam lipas kudung menyiapkan cake dan juadah sampingan(meehoon goreng ja he..he..)..

The cake turns out really yummy and my BFF have 2 servings ....
Recipe ??? nanti ya saya saya nangis he..he..nanti sambung lagi...

Basic Sponge cake
(Makes 2 or 3 layers 8" round)

4 Eggs
80g Plain Flour - sifted
3/4 tbsp Emulsifier
2 tbsp Water
60g Caster Sugar
5ml Corn Oil
1. Place all ingredients, except oil, in a mixer.
Whisk high speed until thick.
Lower the speed, add in oil.

2. Pour into lined & greased tin.
Bake 180C for 25-30 min until cooked.
Remove from tin & cool on a wire rack.

3. Slice the cake into 2 or 3 equal layers.

-400 ml whipping cream non-diary Rich Gold-whipped
-1 can peach -reserved syrup and 12 slices peaches for decorations ,chopped the peaches for filling -divede into 2 portions

to assemble:
1-cut sponge cake into 3 layers
2-brush each layer cake with peach syrup 
3-Take 1 layer cake and spread a small amount of whipped cream then put 1 portion of chopped peaches.Top with another slice of cake and reapeat the same process.
4-Top with the last slice of cake then spread whipped cream all over the cake.
5-Arrange the slice peaches and with some chocolate curls.

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