Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Banana Mousse Chocolate Cake

Sorry for long absence.... I'm just a busy pathetic domestic goddess, sight..hmm you know what I mean"kan?" with never ending chores from dawn to midnight, pendek kata(pandai pendek berkata-kata ya muahaha..) selagi belum tidur kerja sentiasa ada...what to do dah nama pun fulltime housewife ehem silap...domestic goddess ha..ha.. 
I do bake every week, but it just that situations didn't permit me to upload new bakes little hero has conquered all the IT gadgets...he didn't give any chance his mak to use it.." these are mine (Ipad,Lappy and desktop)" exclaimed him...poor me ..hik..hik..anyway  after he snuggle to his duvet for afternoon napping, it's time his mak to use HIS IT devices....

I made this cake last week just to satisfy my cravings .... Banana Mousse Chocolate Cake....I used several recipes that I sourced from internet and books, I've tweaked a little bit of the recipe just to suit the available ingredients that I have in my pantry... and I must says that the looks of my cake can be deceiving he..he..but believe me it indeed delicious ( muahaha angkat bakul sendiri)

Banana Mousse Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Sponge Cake
5 eggs yolk
120g castor sugar
150ml water
75ml corn oil
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tbsp Chocolate emulco

160g self raising flour

5 eggs white
80g castor sugar

**6 ripen banana(sliced)

1.Preheated oven at 180C.Line a round 8" cake tin. Beat (A) till smooth for apprx. 10 minutes using high speed .
2.In onother bowk whisk egg white till it become soft peak and add in sugar and continue whisking until it become stiff
3.Fold ingredient (A) with egg white meringue.
4.Pour into prepared 8" round cake pan and bake for 1 hour( depends on ur oven ya... mine it takes 1 hr only)
5.once baked immediatelly invert and unmould cake( this important ovaoid cake from shrinking and sunk) leave it cool before cutting into 3 layers horizontally.

Mousse filling:
250 g whipping cream( I used non diary whipping crean Rich Gold)

1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tbsp instant nescaffe dilute with 2 tbsp hot water

50 g cocoa powder
75 g icing sugar

1 tbsp gelatine( soak with 4 tbsp water-set aside until it become spongy and then using double boil method to dilute it)

1.Whip the whipping cream till stiff.
2.Fold in (B) and (C)
3.Lastly fold in warm gelatine tillwell combine.

Chocolate ganache:(I didn't use choc ganache instead I just melt the 50 g chocolate and add in 1 tbsp oil-ni kes tak cukup whip cream and dark cooking choc- had to use whatever avail in my pantry-and you should use proper ganache then you will get smooth and beautiful cake coating-jgn tiru saya ok he..he..)
140ml UHT whipping cream
350g dark cooking chocolate
1 tbsp butter

heat cream in double boiler and add in chocolate and butter.stir until chocolate has melted.leave to cool slightly before pouring on top of cake.

Assembling the cake:
1.Cut cake into 3 layer horizontally
2.Spread mousse onto 1st layer of cake and arrange banana slices on top of the filling.
3.Top with 2nd layer cake.Spread filling and arrange slice of bananas.For the last layer of cake ,spread cream filling on top and the sides of the cake.Leave in the fridge to set.
4.When set,place cake on a wire rack,pour on chocolate ganache.Refrigerate again till set.

Ok...till then...

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